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I submitted Rusko to FastCo’s #topdog competition. Win or lose, the real prize was an excuse to take this picture.

Pixel Stick Portrait

I had this blanket made for Dimitrii’s birthday, with pictures I took of Rusko.

My dog is the shit. 

I just finished my second quilt! It is huge.

Quilt in progress. WINTER IS COMING!

Here’s a little illustration exercise I did yesterday. I saw the work of Stella Rebouh and thought, can I do that? So, not my original concept by any means, but a fun little activity. 

Wildfire just west of Mt. Shasta.

Yesterday, when I came home from work, my temporary roommate Kelly shared with us that he had just gone on his first Tinder date. The conversation escalated to where he asked Delaney and I, “What kind of pictures would you want to see on a guy’s Tinder?” Then ensued a quick 20 minute photoshoot where we aimed to reveal the many sides of Kelly: the intellectual, the rugged outdoorsman, the “I don’t give a fuck” DJ, and the sensitive porch-musician.

Work gif. Zoom animations crack me up.

Polaroids from Sarah + Ian’s wedding / Mosier Creek Falls

The glacier inside the Mt. St. Helens crater. It is the only growing glacier in North America, due to it’s unique circumstances. For scale, the rim of the glacier (the top layer of rock + snow) is as tall as the Empire State Building. The glacier is a dark grey because of its layers of rock and ash between the snow and ice. 

Mt Rainer and Spirit Lake view from inside the Mt. St. Helens crater. 

Me and David Waingarten reviewing some footage under the shelter of a boulder in the Mt. St. Helens crater. Photo cred to Chris McKee.

Me in front of some glacial runoff en route to the Mt. St. Helens crater. “Hai!” 

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