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Lincoln City driftwood photoshoot

A day with Google Glass.


For a video we created at work, Laura did not immediately get the cue to begin dancing.

This is a brand I am creating for my stellar, curly-hair hairstylist, Mychal Pinkard's new hair salon / boutique opening this month in SE Portland. Thanks to Zack Davenport, who helped inspire some direction (as usual). While we haven’t nailed down the final identity yet, here are some pickn’s from all of the brand work.

Life advice, via a conversation with my roommate, Andre, yesterday. 

I keep thinking about this picture that Swanny took last summer. This is soon, right? Shorts, t-shirt, hiking… soon!!!

This quilt is happening.

This drawing was going to be an Oregon-themed Christmas Card at one point.

Night photography experiments at Crown Point in the Gorge

Gif in progress. 

Gif in progress. 

For Swanny’s return-to-France party—themed “Party in the USA”— I created this giant 9’ American Flag to be the backdrop of an in-house photobooth (and eventually, the most badass beach blanket ever). Here are some shots of the photobooth with a few fruits of our labor.

This morning, my Portland-themed valentines were placed around town. Here were the drawings! Thanks to friends at Second Story for helping with the puns. Each Valentine was left as a sealed envelope with a hashtag to help track them. Will update later on people’s responses.

Fun Committee knows how to have fun

#so #many #selfies

#so #many #selfies

Nora is in many of our thoughts today, which marks a year since her passing. While the past year has shown us how saddening—and certainly less fabulous—life can be without Nora, it has also been a time to reflect on what we have gained in a lifetime of knowing her. A handful of friends, old and new, came together to celebrate Nora’s fearless spirit and wild heart. I hope you will enjoy this tribute to a lady who inspired life, wisdom, and spontaneous adventure in us all.

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