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This drawing was going to be an Oregon-themed Christmas Card at one point.

The design I created for my 2013 New Years Cards. A yeti, taking off a party hat, and putting it on Mt. Hood. I drew all of the cartoons, and the Mt. Hood illustration came from a super old book of prints my Grandpa gave to me, printed circa 1901.

Made this poster for Home Movie Day, an event that happens all over the world!


Some illustrated icons I am working on for my Capstone project! Thanks to @mrdavenport for some support and inspiration. 

Holiday card that I made for IEI.

I’m trying out some ideas for a personal identity for my me and my portfolio. What do you think?

What I’ve been working on…

What I’ve been working on…

Until I go to Norway this summer, I think this Ghana poster is my last one in this series. 

Inspired from this previous poster I made, I think if I have time, I want to make travel posters from all of the cool places I’ve been.

I apparently once had free time to illustrate my entire trip to Switzerland in 2010. 

I take the emergency instructions out of airplanes because they are hilarious. 

Some old Tir Na Nog Local Beer Local Band posters.

While I am digging through my old work, I can’t forget my bad apple.

When I was a freshman in college, I would make posters for my older brother’s band: Love Colt. While they no longer rock on, I get these quirky things to show for it.