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Found this on the internet! Hooray Internet!

For those of you who have never been to the fabulous city of Raleigh, there was once a giant mound of dirt that had been built up right on Hillsborough St. for so long that it started to grow substantial grass. Legend has it that a design student created the “Raleighwood” letters and lawn lights in protest to the ugly ass pile of dirt. Nora and I decided to go one night and stake our claim on this ephemeral piece of Raleigh history. Annnd take pretty pictures from the Boylan Bridge.

Katie Hill, my brother and I all got fresh ink before I left Raleigh. Ryan and I got the same design and Katie got the state filled in with a heart as negative space. Oh yeah, and Katie’s is on her butt.

PBArt photobooth pic.

Me speaking with the Raleigh town manager (and COD alumni) in my Raleigh shirt in front of the Raleigh skyline. Boy howdy, I do love this city.

I made this wonky pattern specifically for my application to Chronicle Books. I’m applying for the Children’s Design Fellowship!

I used to do posters for the Raleigh Times! I love that my tumblr has encouraged me to dig up old things.

Krispy Kreme Challenge

@Lauren_Lu1 and I completed our first double roll! Isn’t it magical?

Artwork for the @emergingissues forum: Investing in Gen Z

Artwork for the @emergingissues forum: Investing in Gen Z

Some old Tir Na Nog Local Beer Local Band posters.